The DeSantis Ankle Holster Support Strap is perfect for when your ankle gun needs a little more support! Works  with DeSantis’ Die Hard (Model 14), Leather Ankle Rig (Model 44), and Apache (Model 62) ankle holsters. Scroll down to see the video!
Scroll down to see the video!

By attaching the ankle holster support strap around your calf and above your ankle holster, you get great support and stability for your concealed firearm. Additionally, the support strap helps keep the bottom of the handgun up and off your ankle by about 6″.  Now, you can keep your handgun, fits both compact revolvers and semi-auto pistols, snug against the leg for better concealment. While comfort depends on the weight of your gun, the DeSantis support strap and line of ankle holsters are worth checking out!

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