The LadyBUG Cleavage Holster easily attaches directly to the front of the bra between cups for fast-draw. The holster works with all bras and conceals well with small bust sizes. Elastic fast release velcro strap loops under and over the bra Front Closure or Underwire. Will fit most bras including Sports Bras. The ideal Back Up Gun holster for plainclothes LE officers, and
conceal carry citizens.

Can also be used for carrying non lethal pepper spray or mini stun gun.

Conceals Pocket Size Pistols:
Keltec 9mm, Ruger LCP, Kahr 9mm

Redesigned to work for both right or left hand carry. Fits All type Bras CUSTOM SIZES FOR LARGER FIREARMS FOR FULL FIGURED USERS UPON REQUEST
Comes in Off White.

Attach to Bra by placing in cleavage by fastening to inside center of bra with
loop over elastic velcro strap (See listing photos)

  • Secure fit will not cause Bra to slide down to hinder support when used with a pocket pistol or light sub-compact
  • Will securely hold and conceal light weight and pocket size firearms.
  • Available in left or right handed models. Unless specified by email, or order details, right hand model will be shipped
  • Designed to be worn with all non cling tops
  • Durable washable non-irritating soft natural cotton platform for daily use
  • Extra heavy duty soft cotton triple stitched holster
  • Can be used by Plainclothes Officers, Concealed Carry License Citizens, Off Duty LE Officers
  • Will not “print” or cause discomfort standing, sitting or bending
  • 1 year factory warranty for manufacturing defects

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