The DoubleTap Pocket Pistol may represent a new threshold for pocket-sized firepower as pocket pistols continually shrink in weight and size to accommodate a growing U.S. concealed-carry market. Dennis Adler reviewed the ultra-compact 9mm/.45 ACP handgun for the 2014 POCKET PISTOLS to draw his own conclusions about how the two-shot pistol performed for close-quarters self-defense situations.

“Externally, the DoubleTap is tough as nails with a hardcoat anodized matte black finish. Inside the gun’s grip frame, the trigger operates against a lever and ratchet that cycle two spring-tensioned strikers that hit internal hammers in rotation—upper and lower, or, depending upon how the gun was last cycled, lower and upper,” notes Adler. “Not counting the dual hammers, there are only four primary moving parts inside the gun. The lower third of the grip is a storage compartment with a hinged cover where two additional rounds on a speed strip can be kept for making a quick reload.”

Exploring the DoubleTap’s design further, Adler notes the pistol’s simple ambidextrous design, which makes for quick, easy reloading. “The over/under barrels are attached to the frame by a single hinge pin and locked to the frame by a lug integral with the barrels. For loading or reloading, an ambidextrous thumb latch on the side of the gun is pulled to the rear and the barrels automatically tilt upward, driven by an internal stainless steel spring permanently affixed to the frame.”

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At the range, Adler looked to confirm the DoubleTap’s potential at the firing line. “With 3-inch-long barrels there is, on average, less than 2 inches of actual rifling to engage the bullet, which is about the equivalent of a snub-nose revolver. Weighing under a pound, felt recoil is significant but not punishing,” says Adler. “Shooting from 25 feet with the DoubleTap produced results that make this little two-shot pocket pistol ideally suited to its design purpose: saving your life.”

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