The National Shooting Sports Foundation First Shots program partnered with Comp-Tac, the manufacturer of holsters and other handgun accessories to assist new firearm target shooters learn how to
to properly and safely draw from the holster.

First Shots seminars held by shooting facilities can purchase magazine pouches and holsters from Comp-Tac, for range guns they plan to use for the First Shots Second Round program. Comp-Tac will provide additional holsters and magazine pouches free of charge.

“When the chance to partner with NSSF came to our attention, Comp-Tac jumped at the opportunity. Comp-Tac is committed to helping more individuals get involved with using firearms for concealed carry and competition. This partnership will allow Comp-Tac to reach more shooters and help support the NSSF in their commitment to the shooting sports,” said Randi Rogers, Sales and Marketing Manager at Comp-Tac Victory Gear.

Conducted by NSSF member host ranges, First Shots provides an introduction to target shooting for newcomers and also offers a Second Round component to provide novices with the next step in their introduction to the shooting sports and firearms safety.

With Comp-Tac holsters and magazines pouches, First Shots Second Round participants will be properly outfitted with a quality gear that can be used during training.

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