“Now, we have a brand new .380 Glock with a slim, single-stack frame—the Glock 42,” author Sean Utley writes in the 2014 POCKET PISTOLS issue.  “When the subject of compact Glocks comes up, a .380 ACP model is almost always mentioned. In fact, a Glock in .380 is not new. Such a pistol has been available in Europe since 1995, a model designated as the Glock 25. It has been available for many years in the U.S., but only to law enforcement. This is due to how the gun is made and our country’s importation rules.”

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Utley goes hands on to test-fire the G42 alongside other subcompact Glocks, including the G30S (Click here to read the full G30S Handgun Review)  in .45 ACP. He writes, “The G42 has a 3.25-inch, polygonal- rifled barrel. It also employs Glock’s ‘Safe Action’ system in which three internal safeties disengage as the trigger is pulled. Once the trigger is released, the safeties reengage. The G42 features a captured dual-recoil spring system located inside the pistol’s sub-1-inch-wide slide. Overall length is 5.94 inches. Weight unloaded is 13.76 ounces. Though this pistol is quite small, thank- fully the sights didn’t go the same route. Glock has fitted the G42 with a stout set of polymer sights in their classic front dot, rear “U” layout with an excellent sight picture. Magazine capacity is six rounds…There is no doubt that the G42 will be extremely popular, so there should be several holster choices available soon, too.”

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