Hatsan’s new AT-P1 provides shooters with a hard-hitting and affordable alternative for honing their shooting skills, as pellets are both inexpensive and readily available.

The AT-P1 is designed to shoot heavier pellets than airguns manufacturers that test their products using alloy aluminum pellets, it will provide shooters will greater accuracy and more energy upon impact when using high-density pellets. The AT-P1’s pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) power system uses a 50cc air cylinder with 200 bar fill (3000PSI) to propel high-density lead pellets to velocities as high as 870fps.

The AT-P1 features components that are nearly all made in-house by the Turkish manufacturer like all airguns from Hatsan. This includes the airgun’s precision rifled barrel made from high-quality German steel and its fully adjustable 2-stage Quattro Trigger.

The side-lever-action pistol is available in .177cal (870fps), .22cal (780fps), and .25cal (710fps). It is fitted with a dovetail grooved receiver for both 11mm and 22mm scope mounts and micro-adjustable rear and front sights, both with TRUGLO fiber optics.

This finely crafted airgun also features an anti-double pellet feed system to prevent more than one pellet from loading into the barrel and Hatsan’s patented Anti-Knock system to prevent gas wastage in case the pistol is accidentally knocked or bounced.

The MSRP of the AT-P1 is $630.00 and is available in right handed models. It includes one additional magazine, detachable aircylinder with a built in pressure gauge, and a durable hard plastic carrying case.

* Pre-charged pneumatic power system
* Side lever cocking action
* Available in .177cal (870fps), .22cal (780fps) and .25cal (710fps)
* Detachable 50cc air cylinder for 200 bar fill (3000psi) with built in pressure gauge
* Ergonomic design with synthetic grip
* Detachable 10 shot .177cal or .22cal magazine or 9 shot .25cal magazine
* Manual and automatic safety
* Anti-double pellet feed prevents more than one pellet loading into the barrel
* Patented Anti-Knock System prevents gas wastage when airgun is knocked or bounced
* Adjustable rear and front sights fitted with TRUGLO fiber optics
* Fully adjustable 2-stage Quattro Trigger System
* Includes additional rotary magazine
* Includes quick fill nozzle and air cylinder discharging cap
* Includes durable hard-plastic case

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