In his search for the ultimate concealed-carry pistol, author Robert A. Sadowski examined the current compact offerings from Kimber for the 2014 POCKET PISTOLS. Sadowski’s review included a look at Kimber’s Aegis, Solo, and Raptor designs to determine which held the best balance between power and portability.

“The .45 ACP Ultra Raptor II weighs 25 ounces dry, a nice compromise between a big-bore caliber and an easy and comfortable concealed-carry pistol. Like many Kimber compact pistols, the Raptor is manufactured with a lightweight aluminum frame,” said Sadowski in his review. “Ultra models feature 3-inch barrels and a shorter grip than the full-size 1911 platform. This makes Ultra models more concealable and comfortable to carry. The frame is shorter than a full-size Government 1911, but the magazine capacity is seven, just like a mil-spec 1911A1.”

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The Solo DC, a new 9mm offering in Kimber’s Solo series, also caught Sadowski’s eye as he immediately appreciated the design’s snag-free qualities. “Like all pistols in the Solo line, the DC is a sleek, smooth compact pistol that undergoes Kimber’s Carry Melt treatment where all the sharp edges and corners are knocked off to create a smooth, snag-free exterior,” noted Sadowski. “The overall length of the Solo is 5.5 inches with a thickness of less than one inch.”

Another Kimber design reviewed by Sadowski was the 9mm Ultra Aegis II, a lightweight 1911-style pistol built by the Kimber Custom Shop. According to Sadowski, “The Kimber Custom Shop builds the Aegis line for shooters with smaller hands, and through this process it’s made a small 1911-style pistol that is well suited for both petite and meaty paws.” Sadowski also notes that “Night sights, front strap checkering and the checkered, flat mainspring housing are what set the Aegis apart from other Kimber 1911s.”

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