In Helena, Montana there is an increase of women “packing heat,” and that’s evident in the state of Montana.

“I feel like I have the tools to be comfortable in my own skin and carrying a firearm and knowing exactly how to use it and being comfortable with being in a situation that might not be in my best interest, but being able to protect myself,” said Meredith Wyse.

Meredith is one of a several women who decided to take a concealed weapons course for self-defense, offered by a Helena gun shop. Like others, she wants to feel safe in her surroundings.

“The statistics show that an average of 200,000 women a year use firearms to defend themselves from sexual assault amongst other things. And there’s certainly an upward trend across the country and in Montana as well for women to take firearms training and apply for concealed weapons permits,” stated firearms trainer Scott Swingley.

“People getting mugged and raped, women especially are at risk, so I want to be able to defend myself.” said course participant Brook Gould.

At 22 years old, Brook thought it would be a good idea to learn more about handguns. She now knows the difference between revolvers and pistols, both single and dual action, as well as single shots and semi-automatics. The weapon she finally chose is a .22 caliber.

After learning the proper safety techniques, stance, and how to hold the weapon, she has no problem becoming one of the best shots on the range.

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In Helena, Montana there is an increase of women "packing heat," and that's evident…