In Pocatello, Idaho inside Sam’s Gun Shop’s indoor shooting range, eight women wearing protective glasses and ear muffs were among those taking aim at targets. Their goals were two-fold: place shots with accuracy and earn a certificate that qualifies them for Idaho’s advanced concealed carry permit.

It was the closing session of an eight-hour class provided by E4 Tactical Solutions of Pocatello with father and son instructors Cal and Nick Edwards. Nick Edwards stated more and more of their students are women.

“At least half are now women,” Edwards said. “They’re better students.”
The Pocatello police officer and instructor said women listen more carefully to instructions and are quick learners. Among those receiving certificates of completion after finishing the eight hours of instruction Thursday night was Suzie Vigliaturo of Pocatello. “My friends started talking about taking a class, and five of us signed up,” Vigliaturo said, adding they were not disappointed.
“I’m a school teacher and a single mom,” Vigliaturo said. “I need to know how to protect my children.” Before the course, Vigliaturo had never fired a firearm. She borrowed a .22 caliber revolver so she could complete her training. And her first time shooting at a target was successful.

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