The Para Executive Carry .45 ACP is test fired by author Dennis Adler in the upcoming June 2014 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS. One of Para USA’s newest 1911s. He writes, “The Executive Carry has a barrel length of just 3 inches and a slide that barely exceeds 5 inches in length, combined with a Government Model-sized grip and an eight-round, single-stack magazine. The North Carolina arms-maker builds its handcrafted 1911s for specific end-user requirements, and thus there are numerous short-barrel/short-slide variations throughout the Para USA line. None, however, are more dedicated to combining concealment and capacity in a traditional 1911 platform than the Executive Carry.

“With its very short 3-inch, match-grade, ramped stainless steel bull barrel, 5.125-inch-long slide and full-length Government Model grip frame, the Executive Carry is a uniquely shaped 1911 that looks like a capital ‘L’ if you turn it upside down. Described by Para as ‘the baddest concealed-carry 1911 on the planet,’ the Executive Carry is hand-built to implant the best operating features of Para’s full-size 1911s into one of its smallest guns.

“The gun’s uncanny proportions are further accentuated by an Ed Brown Bobtail mainspring housing that rounds off the bottom edge of the grip frame, a small, rounded palm swell grip safety and upswept beavertail. One might call it a “VCQB” (very close-quarter battle) pistol. As a top-end model, the gun is fitted with Trijicon night sights, a skeletonized match-grade trigger and a non-reflective, durable IonBond anodized finish on the slide and lightweight aluminum alloy frame. The Executive Carry fills your hand but not your holster. “While it looks like it is going to be unwieldy, the gun has an uncanny sense of balance. The leggy 1911 grip frame, fitted with machined VZ Grips matched to the angle of the Ed Brown Bobtail mainspring housing, sits firmly in the hand, and the lower profile of the rounded grip safety melds smoothly into your grasp.”

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