Barbara Bishop was invited by the owner of The School of Martial Arts to check out a class. He read one of her columns, and thought that Tai Kwan Do would be beneficial to her and her readers.

She walked in the spacious studio – wood floors with lots of windows and light, accented in dark and light bamboo. Sophisticated, calming, and professional. A Tai Chi class was in session, with a few minutes remaining.

Barbara has taken Tai Chi before – it is an ancient Chinese exercise system aimed at improving the health of the body and mind through balancing the body’s energy, or chi. It consists of a series of slow, fluid movements that are more graceful than they are aggressive and is based around a form of martial arts.

The session was a self-defense class, an adaptation of Kung Fu, designed for adults. Two guys had yellow belts on, one guy had a white belt, and Barbara was wearing a yoga outfit. They started out on their knees, bowing, then did they simple some warm-up exercises. Pretty easy so far.

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