Ruger has long been known for producing quality revolvers at an affordable price. The company’s LCR (Lightweight Compact Revolver) line has built a reputation for dependability among concealed-carry enthusiasts, and Ruger’s recent release of the LCRx looks to build upon that success. David Bahde reviewed the five-shot, .38 Special +P revolver for the 2014 POCKET PISTOLS.

“…the LCRx provides another option for those looking for a lightweight revolver—an exposed hammer. I recently had a chance to test one and found it to be an accurate handgun similar to most small revolvers,” says Bahde in his review. “Recoil is manageable, if a bit stout. Having the option of an exposed hammer and single action (SA) allows for better accuracy when needed. Concealability was excellent, although carry in a pocket with the exposed hammer requires some thought when removing it.”

Bahde proceeded to take the LCRx to the range and examine how its lightweight design functioned against a series of targets. “The monolithic frame of the LCR series keeps things light by using aluminum and polymer to house the innovative fire control system. All LCR revolvers use the patented friction-reducing cam, resulting in one of the smoothest triggers possible in a small revolver,” notes Bahde. “During recent testing of the LCRx, it felt more like shooting a large revolver with a smooth trigger. It was smooth, predictable and controllable. With the addition of an exposed hammer, SA shooting produced excellent accuracy in a pocket revolver.”

Impressed by the LCRx, Bahde also notes the concealed-carry advantages of the overall LCR line of revolvers. “Ruger’s LCR line now encompasses eight different revolvers ranging from .22 LR to the powerful .357 Magnum. Most can be purchased with a Crimson Trace laser for versatile concealed carry. Utilizing state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing, each gun is reliable, lightweight and controllable.”

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