The new Ruger LCRx .38 Special wring out by author David Bahde in the upcoming June 2014 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS. Ruger’s LCR, LCP and LC9 transformed the world of concealed carry when they were originally introduced. Over time, Ruger has offered new versions of each in several different chamberings. While many shooters enjoyed the LCR, some wanted a version with an exposed hammer.

He writes, “Introduced in 2010, the LCR was an immediate hit. By using a polymer trigger housing and monolithic receiver, it provided an incredibly lightweight revolver chambered in calibers ranging from .22 Long Rifle to .357 Magnum. The use of Hogue Tamer grips tamed recoil, and the patented friction-reducing cam meant a pretty decent trigger pull. Less about trigger weight, it reduced ‘stacking,’ or an increased trigger weight as you move through the pull. The stainless steel barrel sleeve is housed in an alloy along with most of the receiver. It made for a stiffer frame, increasing reliability. While flex may work in some semi-automatics, it is never a really good thing in a revolver, and Ruger’s combination of materials made for a solid performer. Designed as a pocket revolver, the hammer was completely covered and inaccessible to the shooter. Well suited to carry in a purse, pocket or even a jacket, it kept a segment of the revolver market out of the equation. The LCRx takes care of that.

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“The LCRx retains all of the proven features of the LCR, including its polymer, aluminum and steel construction. The trigger is the same, as are the sights. Introduced this year in .38 Special +P, it is currently available with standard sights. Laser-equipped models are sure to follow. Most importantly, it provides an option for those still requiring an exposed hammer in a proven platform.”

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