SafariLand Individual Light System
SafariLand Individual Light System

The Safariland Individual Light System (ILS) series of tactical flashlights from Safariland combine high output with standard alkaline batteries to provide an affordable alternative to the CR123-powered lights.

The ILS-1 is a hand-held mini-light with a 1” diameter (25.4 mm). featuring a dual output of either 190 or 10 lumens. The output can be switched instantaneously with the push-button tail-cap. There are also three small peripheral buttons on the tail-cap that can be pressed for the low light option. The ILS-1 operates with three standard alkaline AAA batteries and includes an integral clip for easy attachment to a belt or garment. The flashlight face has a scalloped bezel to help dissipate heat should the light be left face down while turned on.

The ILS-2 compact light model also boasts a 1” diameter (25.4 mm) and has the same multi-button tail-cap. Featuring a dual output that can be switched instantaneously from 15 lumens to 450 lumens, the ILS-2 can adjust from a wide angle to a focused light beam. This light features a removable scalloped bezel that allows for either a scalloped or flat face, depending on preference. A pocket clip is included for easy carry while a circular grip adapter assists in utilizing the light in a “between knuckles” shooting position in low-light conditions. The ILS-2 operates using six AAA batteries.

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