All students no matter their age or gender should remain alert, focus on their surroundings and maintain a mental and physical preparation.

TCC training coordinator Dwane Kelley gave three safety rules during Personal Safety and Self-Defense Training on the South Campus. Civilians learn the basic and effective techniques of martial arts without the many years of training and prepares people for the possibility of being attacked, Kelley said.

“It is better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it at all,” stated Kelley.

Both men and women need to follow certain safety tips when walking to and from their cars. People should never dig in their purses or pockets for their keys but should already have them out and ready to quickly get into their vehicles, Kelley said.

Everyone should also be prepared to deal with an active shooter in the building, Kelley said.

“See if there is an accessible evacuation path,” he said. “If not, find a hiding spot, and if in immediate danger, take action against the shooter.” In the hands-on part of the class, the attendees learned how to break away from wrist grabs, front chokes and side headlocks.

“Practice the defenses during commercial breaks of your favorite television show,” he said. “With practice, it will become second nature.”

Participants such as SE psychology instructor Gerard Mayberry said they benefited from the workshop.

“It was an eye opener,” he said. “Even just learning the basics, it helps me to feel safe.”

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