Sport Manufacturing Group’s Bruiser Steel Will Knife is made from K110 steel. The 500 Bruiser has an overall length of 9.5 inches, a blade length of 4 inches, and the thickness of the blade is 0.157 inches.

The Bruiser Steel Will is a folding knife created for the heaviest tasks. It is a powerful and reliable knife. Its handle has textured plates made from G10. If to open it by using flipper, you’ll get a cross-guard for safely using the knife, even with wet hands. You can easily open it either by bare hand, or by gloved hand with the help of the flipper.

The Steel Will line of knives from Sport Manufacturing Group are designed to encompass three separate areas: Tactic, Outdoor and Urban. Tactic is geared towards those who want to develop and/or maintain combat skills. Outdoor is made for hunters, campers, fisherman and other outdoor enthusiasts. Urban is designed for everyday use for those who live in large cities. The 500 Bruiser fits under the Tactic category. In addition to knives, Sport Manufacturing Group also sells airsoft guns, BB and pellet guns, ammunition and accessories, and safety glasses.

* Blade Material: K110
* Overall Length: 9.5″
* Blade Length: 4.0″
* Blade thickness: 0.157″
* Handle Material: G10

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