The Strider/5.11 Tactical SMF knife is engineered with minimum components while staying true to the key components Strider Knives have become known for. The SMF Knife comes with a sleek design, rooted in simplicity, including a titanium slab frame lock, a glass epoxy laminate handle and a rough peel surface for positive grip. The blade design is a drop point, hand flat ground with a simple break on the spine and no false edge.

Engineered with utilitarian requirements, the Strider/5.11 Tactical SMF knife is both a workhorse and a battlefield companion—regardless of where your battle takes place. The subtle yet impressive features are demonstrative of the commitment to quality both companies were founded on and remain committed to.

The Strider/5.11 SMF knife boasts one-of-a-kind features including a custom-made pivot pin, custom fasteners and a Titanium handle with G10 scales. For durability and long-lasting performance, this is the first Strider knife to incorporate CTS-B75P steel—an alloy from Carpenter Technologies that that is highly resistant to corrosion and wear—allowing users to more easily maintain a sharp edge for an extended period of time.

The Strider/5.11 SMF knife can be purchased on later this month and will retail for $599.99.

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