Taser C2 Gold Kit
Taser C2 Gold Kit

Tacer C2 Gold Kit includes Taser C2, holster, target, 15ft live cartridges, 15 ft training cartridge and manual dvd.

Powerful electrical pulses travel down conductive wires to a subject.
These pulses are designed to temporarily disable an attacker’s muscles, allowing the Taser C2 user critical time to escape to safety and contact police


* Incredibly powerful less-than-lethal device
* Fires probes close to 95 mph that effectively pierce clothing and skin
* Immobilizes target for over 30 seconds
* Offers an effective range of up to 15 feet
* Includes laser sight and flashlight can be used when safety cover is open
* One hand operation with no kick or felt recoil
* Can be used as a stun gun once the cartridge has been fired
* Charge can be reapplied if necessary by pressing the activation button
* Includes holster
* Lifetime manufacturer warranty

For more information, visit: http://store.taser.com/

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