Top Handguns of 2013

At we have the good fortune to review and write about lots of new guns—and in no year has the job been as exciting as it was in 2013, which saw the release of a seemingly countless number of innovative, accurate and reliable handguns. Below is a visual roundup of some our, and your, favorites: the FNH FNX-45, the Colt M45 CQBP, the Sig Sauer M11-A1, the Ruger SR45, the Steyr L9-A1, the SCCY CPX-2, the Kahr CW380, the Beretta Pico and the Glock 30S. Some, like the .45-caliber Colt M45 and 9mm Sig M11-A1, are battle-born combat guns; others, like the small and sleek Pico .380, are concealed-carry-appropriate backup autos—and one, the Glock 30S .45, is a fantastic admixture of the two! But, all nine are outstanding (and we’d know: We reviewed each and every one in one of our eight 2013 issues of Combat Handguns). Scroll down to see the infographic!

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Top Guns of 2013 Infographic (click for full size)

Top Handguns for 2013 Infographic
Top Handguns for 2013 Infographic

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