High crime rates in and around the Greater Los Angeles area clearly show that no one is immune to these kinds of attacks. Fortunately, most of us will never face that kind of scenario,but there are no guarantees.

Armed robbery, a drive-by shooting or a purse snatching, any of us could become a victim. That’s a big part of what motivates Nelson Nio, creator of the SHIELD Women’s Self Defense System. Nio will be in Azusa to offer a free workshop on his unique self-defense method.

SHIELD, according to Nio, is a mixture of martial arts, self-defense and street fighting skills.

“I was born and raised in Indonesia and we were exposed to a lot of violence and street fighting,” said Nio, 44, who lives in Marina del Rey. “When you are full adrenalized there is no fine motor technique and no beautiful movement. In real life, you get hit once … and you start fighting.”

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