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One should always carry concealed using a holster, even if the gun is a .380 subcompact tucked away in your pocket. With state-of-the-art technology keeping pace with gun-making, this year’s latest crop of concealed-carry rigs for handguns of all makes and sizes is impressive. Here are few excellent new choices from manufacturers like Aker, BlackHawk, DeSantis, Galco and Safariland for 2014.


Aker Black Label

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New from Aker International is a new deluxe line of belts, holsters and magazine pouches finished with a rugged and handsome sharkskin exterior. The new Black Label sharkskin line features a rotating lineup of limited-edition products, each hand stamped with a custom production number. Shown is the 168A FlatSider XR12 sharkskin holster on the B21 Concealed Carry Gunbelt, along with Aker’s 616 Carry Comp II sharkskin double magazine pouches. The B21 concealed-carry belt also features Aker’s exclusive polymer liner, which keeps the belt rigid and prevents it from rolling over from the weight of a holster and gun.

For more information on the Aker Black Label, visit: http://akerleather.com/


Aker Nightguard XL

The Aker Nightguard XL is built with duty use in mind, especially for those whose line of work (anything from security, protective services, law enforcement and personal defense) requires carrying medium to large-frame semi-autos with a tactical light/laser mounted to the dust cover rail. The new Nightguard XL is a pancake-style belt holster that is more concealable than traditional duty rigs. It features a polymer insert under the leather, covering the frame (and thumb break safety), which is reinforced to ensure a longer duty cycle, as the majority of wear with a thumb-break safety is in this area.

The Nightguard XL is available in black and tan, and right or left hand versions. It is designed to fit specific makes and models, and its contoured pouch is designed to fit most semi-autos with tactical lights, including Glock models (although not with a Glock Tactical Light/Laser). It is currently available for the G17, G19, G22, G23, G26, G27, M&P 40 and 40c, and Sig P220, P226 and P229 with either the Insight M3, Streamlight TLR-1 and TLR-2, or the Surefire X200, X300 and X300 Ultra lights.

For more information, visit akerleather.com

BlackHawk Suede Leather Angle Adjustable ISP

Recently introduced by BlackHawk, this versatile IWB holster has a cant-adjustable clip. The rough-out suede rig evolved from Blackhawk’s magazine cases, which have angle-adjustable mounting clips. By combining the suede IWB holster with the adjustable clip, users can easily change cant forward or back, or for crossdraw carry. Rotate the clip 90 degrees and it can be removed and the suede pouch used as a pocket holster! All double-stitched suede, the holsters are available for everything from full-size 1911s to compact and subcompact sizes, the latter being ideal for secondary use as a secure pocket holster.

For more information on the Blackhawk Suede Leather Angle Adjustable ISP, visit blackhawk.com


CrossBreed Purse Defender

Always looking for innovative ways to improve concealed carry, CrossBreed Holsters has its new Purse Defender, the latest addition to its line of modular-style holsters. For women who prefer off-body carry, the Purse Defender is designed to go inside a regular purse or handbag. The Velcro-lined Kydex panel fits securely in any handbag, and keeps both the firearm and purse stabilized. This means that it will not spill over or cause your purse to tip like many of the concealed-carry purses on the market. Combined with CrossBreed’s handcrafted modular holster, the Purse Defender ensures the firearm is safe, secure and always in the same location in a purse or bag. In addition, all CrossBreed rigs are designed to cover the triggerguard entirely, which prevents anything from making contact with the trigger while it is holstered. The Purse Defender comes complete with the L-shaped panel, a CrossBreed Handcrafted Modular Holster, and is available in left- or right-hand versions, and for a wide variety of small to medium-sized handguns. The Purse Defender measures 9 inches wide by 6 inches tall, and is available with a spare magazine holder.

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For more information on the CrossBreed Purse Defender, visit crossbreedholsters.com


DeSantis Quick Safe Level III

New for 2014, DeSantis is offering the Quick Safe Level III, a combination IWB (inside the waistband) and belt holster with removable belt clips. Based on the Intruder and Prowler DeSantis models, the injection-molded pouch is mounted to a leather skirt that also has belt loop slots. It only requires removing two locking screws to remove the molded IWB mounting clips for exterior belt carry. This new model is self-locking and also offers a thumb release. Optional paddle mount is available. Patents Pending.

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For more information on the DeSantis Quick Safe Level III, visit desantisholster.com

Galco Great Alaskan

Designed for hunters and sportsmen, the new Galco Great Alaskan is available to carry a large-bore revolver, like the Ruger Alaskan, Smith & Wesson X-Frames and other large-caliber, short-barrel revolvers or semi-autos. The shoulder strap goes across the chest and the torso strap goes all the way around. There is an optional ammo carrier to hold a spare magazine or six extra cartridges for a revolver. The Galco holsters are all fully lined and each is molded to fit a specific model revolver or semi-auto. It is, however, only available in a right-handed model at present.

For more information on the Galco Great Alaskan, visit galcogunleather.com


Galco Hornet

The Hornet is a new contoured, open-top belt holster designed to carry a compact handgun in both crossdraw and the increasingly popular appendix position. An evolution of Galco’s popular and award-winning Stinger strong-side belt holster, the Hornet offers comfort, speed and excellent concealability. Constructed of premium steer hide, the Hornet uses a tunnel-style belt loop mated with a belt slot, resulting in excellent stability on the belt and a close body fit. A slight butt-rear cant facilitates an easy draw from either the crossdraw or appendix position, while the open top makes the draw fast and simple.

For more information on the Galco Hornet, visit galcogunleather.com


Galco iDefense

Galco’s new iDefense is a covert holster and spare magazine holder within a stylish all-leather iPad tablet carry case. Made of full-grain leather, the iDefense safely secures a medium or large defensive handgun, and spare ammo, with an elasticized nylon holster concealed within a separate, lockable compartment behind the iPad. Any iPad or similar-sized device is held in place outside the gun compartment on a sturdy backing plate that’s fully adjustable for tablet angle, making this a fully functional iPad carry case as well as concealed-carry holster. The iDefense also features an internal pocket for storage of documents or small items. A removable wrist lanyard is also provided. The iDefense fits iPads from the first through fourth generations and measures 10 inches in length, 8 inches in width and 2.5 inches in depth.

For more information on the Galco iDefense, visit galcogunleather.com

Safariland GLS Holsters

Safariland has introduced its new GLS (Grip Locking System) series of holsters. The GLS holster line features a patent-pending retention device that securely holds the firearm in place once holstered. The innovative retention mechanism is quickly and intuitively deactivated with the middle finger during the draw. Holsters with the all-new GLS retention device provide weapon security with a very low profile and ride close to the body, making them ideal for concealment.
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Safariland’s Model 5378 Paddle/Belt Loop Combo includes both a paddle and a belt loop, which can be easily changed out depending on the use desired. The Model 5377, offered with the belt loop only, is available in four widths—1.5 inches, 1.75 inches, 2 inches and 2.25 inches. The Model 5379 features a patent-pending highly secure belt clip that fits belt widths from 1.5 to 2.25 inches. All models also feature Safariland’s standard three-hole mounting platform, making it compatible with all attachment systems including the popular QLS (Quick Locking System). All models feature the durable SafariLaminate wraparound construction, which provides an excellent fit and a lightweight holster. These models are available in seven fits for Glock (G17, G22, G19, G23, G26, G27), Smith & Wesson (M&P 9/.40, M&P 9/40c, M&P Shield) and the Springfield XD-S. All models are available in Safariland STX finishes in a variety of colors. Later this year, an inside the waistband model will be released.

For more information on the Safariland GLS Holsters, visit safariland.com or call 800-347-1200.

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