For the July 2014 issue of TACTICAL KNIVES, Steven Dick reviewed the 25th anniversary edition of Chris Reeve’s Sebenza folding knife. With an ever-expanding knife market awash in new models and designs, Dick examined how the titanium Sebenza has maintained its reputation and popularity in the modern knife market.

The 25th Anniversary Sebenza boasts a number of subtle design changes that Steven Dick quickly sized up against past versions of the knife. “First, the new wide edge bevels combine the best of hollow and flat grinds for better cutting efficiency. A shaped phosphor bronze washer on the lock side brings additional stability to the blade. The detent is now a 0.125-inch ceramic ball, ensuring the blade stays in place when closed, “notes Dick in his review. “As with past models, the basic handle frame remains 6A14V titanium with the ultra-strong frame lock that was first pioneered by Chris Reeve over two decades ago.”

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The Sebenza’s edge retention drew Dick’s attention as he performed an extended field test of the knife and its abilities against real-world chores. “One of my standard knife testing policies is to use every knife until its factory edge quits cutting before trying to resharpen it. In the case of the new Sebenza, that ended up being most of the summer and fall,” says Dick. “While writing this article, I checked the edge and found that while it wasn’t uselessly dull, it was starting to show signs of needing a good touch up. Exactly 20 passes to each side over a hard Arkansas stone lubricated with tap water had the knife arm-shaving sharp once again. This procedure probably didn’t take more than two or three minutes. I would have to say S35VN’s edge retention is good enough for any real world use.”

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