After two instructors were caught by the Illinois State Police improperly certifying their students, nearly 100 concealed-carry applications have been denied.
So, how do you make sure your training is valid?

Great River Firearms Training instructor Phil Alexander showed some basics: how to check to see if the gun was loaded, and the proper way to prepare to shoot. He says he’s seen a range of students come through to take his course – from people who have never picked up a gun, to gun experts like Clive Courty, who runs “Gun Fun” in Quincy. But he says, despite his years of experience, he still knew the importance of the time in the classroom.

“Even if you know a lot about guns, there’s several aspects of the law you don’t know about, as far as when and where you can carry a firearm.” But Alexander says not all instructors are teaching the class the way they should and instead, are cutting corners. “What we’re hearing, and again it’s just what we’re hearing, is that they’re not giving enough time. For example, if an applicant needs a full sixteen hours, they’re not getting a full sixteen hours.”

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