A&P Self Defense has announced the grand opening of their online store to help people get the right non-lethal protection options to stay safe.

Crime in the US has been declining since the 1990’s. However, is the fact that the country still has some of the highest rates of murder and violent crime, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault in the world. As a result,
people are right to want to protect themselves. That’s where A&P Self Defense steps in.

The online store includes everything from instructional fighting DVDs and steel batons to pepper sprays and stun guns. The site’s most recent addition is a pretender ‘cell phone stun gun’, a device that has the appearance of a camera cell phone that can be taken out and mimed in times of concern then quickly used for its real function, to deliver 4.5 million volts to an assailant.

Other more fanciful self defense weapons are also listed, including slingshots and blow guns, together with a huge range of home surveillance equipment including audio recorders, hidden cameras and door and window alarms.

A spokesperson for A&P Self Defense explained, “Our only aim has been to help people feel safe and avoid becoming victims of violent crime. America is becoming safer every day, but nowhere on earth is there a crime-free utopia, and we believe in being prepared for the worst. In our ideal world, people would buy our products and never have to use them, but having them can help people leave out of the house with confidence. Equally, people can feel safe leaving their homes unattended thanks to our comprehensive range of surveillance and alarm systems and complete home security systems. We aim to provide everything we can to keep people and their possessions safe from crime.”

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