Building upon his experience with previous fixed-blade Triage models, Tim Stetzer examined the new Benchmade 9170 Auto Triage folding knife for the “Make Mine Automatic” column in the July 2014 issue of TACTICAL KNIVES. The 9170 Auto Triage is an automatic model of the renowned hard-use knife series that also features Benchmade’s famous Axis lock system.

“The Auto Triage is one of Benchmade’s Axis autos, meaning that the Axis lock is also the firing mechanism for the knife. Pull down on the lock from either side of the knife and the main blade snaps open,” says Stetzer. “It’s a true ambidextrous design, unlike many autos. To close the knife, pull down on the lock again and fold the blade closed.”

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Throughout testing, Stetzer was impressed with the 9170’s edge retention, ergonomics and versatility, all hallmarks of the overall Triage series. “The 9170 feels good in the hand due to a well contoured handle complete with a large finger choil and a serrated cutout for your pinky. The handle shape and the textured G10 inlays give the user a positive grip even in the wet and cold,” says Stetzer.

He continues, “Not surprisingly for a Benchmade, the Auto Triage came with an excellent factory
 edge…. I cut the usual myriad of items, including cardboard, plastic of various thicknesses, tape, some nasty old rope and even some old carpet. Carpet especially can be rough on a blade, but the 9170 held up well. I didn’t have occasion to put the strap cutter to any real-world use, but I did try it on some old seatbelts…and found that it sliced through them quite handily.”

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