Brownell All-In-One Gun Cleaning System

The Brownell All-in-One Gun Cleaning System is a professional grade cleaning kit that contains all required essentials to thoroughly clean; rifles, handguns, and shotguns.

The low-cost packs of generic supplies are comprehensive kits filled with the best, premium-quality cleaning components—everything you need to properly clean and protect the bore, chamber, and exterior finish of almost any gun. You get top-quality, nylon-coated Dewey cleaning rods that won’t scratch bores or damage rifling, and Brownells Special Line bore brushes with pure phosphor bronze wire bristles that make short work of copper, lead, and powder fouling.

The tough-scrubbing, all-cotton flannel patches and nylon bore brushes provide vigorous yet gentle cleaning. Bronze chamber brushes help you remove carbon fouling that leads to extraction problems. Kit includes Shooter’s Choice bore cleaner to break up and lift stubborn powder fouling, and Break-Free CLP Cleaner/Lubricant/Protectant for quick field cleaning, long-term lubrication and corrosion protection. All-In-One System equips you to clean just about any caliber rifle, pistol, or shotgun, and comes in a rugged polymer storage/carry box with roomy top compartment and four pull-out drawers.

All-In-One System Includes:
* 11″ and 36″ cleaning rods for .17-.22 cal.
* 12″ centerfire pistol rod
* 36″ centerfire rifle rod
* 34″ one-piece shotgun rod
* Nylon cleaning rod storage sleeve
* Brushes, mops, and patches
* 12″ (30.5cm) x 24″ (61cm) bench mat
* 4 oz. (118ml) Shooter’s Choice bore cleaner
* 16 oz. (474ml) Break-Free CLP; 24 oz.
* (680g) Brownells TCE Cleaner/Degreaser
* 3 double-ended gun/parts cleaning brushes
* 6 shop cloths.

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The Brownell All-in-One Gun Cleaning System is a professional grade cleaning kit that contains…