Buffalo Bore .45 ACP Ammo


Buffalo Bore .45 ACP Ammo is a high quality, full power, standard pressure 45 ACP traditional ball load.

“Standard pressure” means it is safe for use in all 45 ACP firearms in normal working condition. This ammunition is made by Buffalo Bore’s factory and with the same machines, tooling and personnel that make all of our other loads. This is not cheap or low quality ammo. It features low flash powders that will not blind the shooter in the advent he/she is required to drop the hammer in a low light situation, when the criminal element is most active.

After much consideration, Buffalo Bore believed there is a need for high quality, full power, standard pressure, “ball” (FMJ-RN) ammunition that will feed through the older 45 ACP pistols that exist throughout the world in large numbers. The Colt 1911 has been around since, well, 1911 and others such as the “Tommy” gun have been around a long time too.

Typical JHP/expanding 45 ACP ammo has only existed for a few decades and 45 ACP pistols designed to feed the flat nose profile of JHP ammo have been around for only about two or three decades. This means that many (maybe millions) of those early 45 ACP firearms need the round nose profile of typical FMJ-RN ammunition to feed reliably 100% of the time.

We are also now making a traditional 9MM “ball” load (See our item 24K) for the same reasons we are making this traditional “ball” 45 ACP load.

We continue to use over-the-counter pistols in the testing and publishing of our advertised velocities. We believe the duplicitous practice of using extra-long laboratory test barrels gives false high velocity readings and is misleading the customer. This ammunition was designed to replicate the velocities of the original military loadings used over eight decades by the USA.

For more information, visit: https://www.buffalobore.com/

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