The Chiappa Mfour .22 LR Carbine Rimfire sets the standard in sub-caliber tactical fun. The Mfour is an accurate reproduction of the classic M4 carbine, chambered in cost-effective .22LR, making it a low cost alternative for practical range and field applications.

The Chiappa Mfour fires economically priced .22 Rimfire ammunition for a ton of some serious practice for its “bigger” 5.56mm /.223 brothers. Even in today’s .22LR hoarding situation the .22 LR is a real bargain compared to center fire ammunition.

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The military lookalike Chiappa Mfour carbine is a terrific ultra-quality, accurate, serious platform to keep skills up or for transition to its big brother center fire carbine. The Chiappa Mfour comes with a detachable (dual aperture adjustable iron sight) carry handle assembly and picatinney flat top for optics.

* Caliber: .22 Long Rifle
* Weight: 5.5 pounds
* Overall length: 34.25-inches
* Barrel Length: 16-inches
* Materials: Light weight and ultra tough polymer upper and lower receiver
* Magazines: Depending on state law either two 28-round or two10-round magazines
* Colors: Desert tan or all black

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