The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s office in California is placing the necessary forms on its website creating an easier path for residents to register for concealed-carry permits.

The Sheriff’s Office added a new button to its home page to get visitors to the forms, a move it announced recently.

Last month, the federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down part of California’s concealed-weapon law with a 2-1 vote. The three-judge panel struck down part of the law requiring applicants to show good cause as to
why they needed the permit, calling it a violation of the Second Amendment.

After the ruling, San Joaquin County Sheriff Steve Moore announced in a statement that he would follow the any changes to the law, but reminded applicants there were still other requirements, including the need to show “good moral character.”

Since then, State Attorney General Kamala Harris has asked the appeals court to review its ruling with a full panel of 11 judges.

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