The new CRD EZ-Holster is an innovative new design in Concealed Carry Holsters. The holster is a rugged yet stylish case designed specifically for today’s newest and most popular Subcompact Handguns.

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CRD enters the Concealed Carry Market with a totally unique concept for concealing and carrying a handgun. The EZ-Holster is truly concealed, self contained and serves as a well functioning method for concealed carry.

This Unique product eliminates possibilities or stress of “Accidental Exposure” and also eliminates the need for cover garments. Jackets or untucked shirts. EZ Holster can be carried by a well Dressed Professional or on the Beach or boat with nothing more than a pair of shorts.

EZ Holster is thoroughly concealed! In plain view on a table in a crowded private establishment your hand gun is completely concealed. EZ Holster has several different carry methods. Rear pocket – Women’s Purses -Automobile and an Outside the Waist Band Carrier Accessory. All Holsters are ambidextrous and ideal for everyone from well dressed professionals- to casual outdoor events and easily separates for entering or exiting a vehicle.

* Ruger LCP .380
* Keltec P3AT .380
* Taurus TCP .380
* Diamondback DB .380
* S&W Bodyguard .380

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  The new CRD EZ-Holster is an innovative new design in Concealed Carry Holsters.…