Self-Defense for Women

In Michigan, a Rape Aggression Defense class for women was hosted by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office who partnered with the Detroit Pistons before the game against the Indiana Pacers.

“Your target zones are those nice soft targets, the face, the eyeballs, the throat, the groin,” Sgt. Jen Miles explained to a group of about 20 women on the ballcourt. “If you make contact and you can grab and twist and pull and turn, they are probably going to be running away from you at that point.”

Sgt. Miles took the women through a series of self-defense moves designed, she said, to “protect consciousness.” “You have to be alert. You have to get air to your brain so you can get away,” Miles said. Miles explained several scenarios that women could encounter in their lives and provided tips for each one.

“I have as three count rule,” she said. “Ask ‘em, tell ‘em and make ‘em.” In addition to the defensive moves, Miles told the women that they should always remember to use their voices, making it clear that they do not want the attacker around them, so that they can draw attention to themselves.

“No! Get away!” she screamed, showing them an example. “It’s a sad situation, but we have to make people good witnesses for us.” “Every woman needs to know self defense to protect herself in these times,” Marty Groleau, state president of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs Michigan, who was taking the class. “It’s like you feel like you’re more in control of yourself.”

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