Diamondhead’s Safe-T-Gun is the perfect solution when an exact replication of a typical AR-15 is needed for: training purposes, trade-shows, product demonstrations, TSA clearance, safety instruction, or other situations where use of the “real” weapon may be unsuitable or unsafe.

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Safe-T-Gun features upper & lower receiver with a Safe-T-Bolt, and with optional Diamondhead VRS-T (10.5”) handguard and polymer diamond flip-up sights. The Upper Receiver with barrel has optional Diamondhead VRS-T (10.5”) handguard & polymer diamond sights.

* Safe-T-Bolt
* Safe-T-Gun – Lower Receiver
* with Buttstock, Grip & Magazine
* Safe-T-Gun – Upper Receiver with Barrel – shown with optional
* Diamondhead VRS-T (10.5”) Handguard & Polymer Diamond Sights
* Safe-T-Gun – Upper & Lower
* Receiver & Safe-T-Bolt – shown
* with optional Diamondhead
* VRS-T (10.5”) Handguard and
* Polymer Diamond Flip-Up Sights

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