EAA Witness Pavona 9mm is a redesign of Tanfoglio’s compact 9mm Witness polymer model. Sharon Lacy of EAA was brought into the redesign effort to assist the Tanfoglio engineers.

In the upcoming June 2014 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS, author Sara Ahrens writes, “European American Armory’s (EAA) recognition of women’s presence in the market was the catalyst behind the EAA Witness Pavona, a new firearm aimed at both experienced and first-time female shooters alike. The Pavona is EAA’s first attempt to personalize a firearm for women. They consider the Pavona to be an ‘evolutionary project,’ meaning they intend to make continuous improvements to the firearm based on the feedback they receive from women. According to Sharon Lacy of EAA, ‘We understand that there is much to learn and grow from. What we offer today will evolve as we learn more about what women want and need.’

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One of her roles was to gather information during the development phase of the project. Her research included canvassing women’s forums and fielding calls from new and experienced female shooters. Sharon states, ‘I spoke with women young and old. What were their concerns? What are their needs? The fact is, women have needs so very different from men.’

“Sharon explained that, based on her interactions, the questions posed by female shooters centered on the relationship of the firearm to their stature, physical strength and lifestyles. In addition to conducting research, Sharon also played a significant role in the aesthetics and marketing of the Pavona. Sharon explained, ‘I had a great deal to do with the cosmetics of the firearm, logo and branding…It was the geniuses at Tanfoglio who designed the guns.’

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EAA Witness Pavona 9mm is a redesign of Tanfoglio's compact 9mm Witness polymer model.…