Preparing for a survival situation can be a daunting task, but as author Will Dabbs detailed in a review for the Spring 2014 issue of PERSONAL & HOME DEFENSE, the survival bags from Echo-Sigma have you covered. Aside from traditional bug-out bags, Echo-Sigma also specializes in “get-home” bags that are meant to keep their user prepared while on the go. Dabbs was immediately impressed by the logic exhibited in the assembly of Echo-Sigma’s survival bags, saying, “…the gear you might need quickly is on the top. The stuff you need to make camp or eat is buried down deeper on the assumption you will have the luxury of time to fish it out. The orchestration to the design is actually so meticulous there is a patent pending on their process.”

Turning to the products included in Echo-Sigma’s survival bags, Dabbs noted the quality of the items and the common-sense features included on them. “Echo-Sigma kits employ quality, name-brand components from respected manufacturers and are entirely modular and fully integrated,” says Dabbs in his review. “Everything takes the same sort of batteries. The stuff that needs to be expensive is expensive. The stuff that can just be utilitarian is utilitarian. All of it is logical.”

From Fenix flashlights and Gerber multi-tools to tents and hydration systems, Echo-Sigma offered Dabbs plenty to be impressed by as he delved further into the company’s Bug Out/Get Home bags. “The Get-Home bags include emergency tents, several reliable sources of fire and Mylar space blankets. The Bug Out version incorporates a superb lightweight sleeping bag,” notes Dabs. “Zip ties, 550 cord, and literally dozens of other well-reasoned incidentals give you everything you might need to do whatever needs to be done. Additionally, it has a built-in hydration system that allows you to hydrate on the move.”

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