“You never know when bad can strike,” say Cpl. Pamela Revels, of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama. Stay Back. It is a simple phrase that could mean the difference between life and death.
For years the Rape Aggression Defense class (RAD) has been taught by Revels to members of the community, empowering women to defend themselves in any situation.

“Self defense is 90 percent being aware and doing something to prevent an actual occurrence from happening, but if something we’re to happen then you’re also prepared in a physical manner to help yourself,” stated Revels.
This year, the 12 hour course is takes place every Monday in March for three hours at Southern Union Community College in Opelika. This month 25 women signed up. They are a mixture of students, faculty, and community members.

“There are a lot of people out there and I just want to be prepared,” says one participant, 12-year-old Joy Flowers. She and her mom signed up for the class this year with the thought that you can never be too safe.
“I’ll get some courage. I won’t be afraid to defend myself so I’ll be more confident,” states Flowers.

At the end of the course the women put their skills to the test through a simulation. This is where participants are able to practice their techniques by getting away from an aggressor. It’s a part of the course most women are looking forward to, like Beulah resident Megan Norred.

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