House of Representatives in Arizona who stated the 2nd Amendment is under attack have approved two bills that aim to strengthen gun rights in the state. House Bill 2517, sponsored by Rep. Steve Smith, R-Maricopa, would impose fines on cities, towns and their lawmakers who enforce gun ordinances stricter than the state’s own laws.

The bill would impose a civil penalty of up to $5,000 on city and town governments that violate the statute. It would also allow the state to sue individual government officials such as city councilors and would prohibit them from using public funds to defend themselves in court.

Politicians say the bill is a response to attacks on 2nd Amendment rights, and that cities and towns answer to the state.

“Municipalities have no business enacting gun laws. Period,” said Rep. Justin Pierce, R-Mesa. The House approved the bill with a 34-22 vote, also legislators approved a bill that would allow concealed-weapons permit holders to take guns into most public buildings and events. The bill would allow guns in government buildings unless security measures- including armed guards, metal detectors and gun lockers- are in place. It would exclude public K-12 schools, community colleges and universities. Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a similar bill last year.

Bill sponsor Rep. Brenda Barton, R-Payson, said law-abiding citizens who have gone through a multistep process for a concealed-carry permit should be able to exercise the constitutional right to carry a gun.

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