Renowned gunsmith Kent Singletary now offers a TAF-1 metal finish for his customized firearms. TAF-1 stands for Tactical Applied Finish. It is the general term that Kent Singletary uses for all his applied coatings. The exact coating material used is determined by what the item will be used for and what it is made of. Singletary then selects the appropriate finish for best satisfaction.

According to Singletary’s website, finishes are available in Black, Gray, O.D.Green, Tan, Silver and a Gray/Green. The primary metal finish used as TAF-1 is KG Gun Kote. It was developed for use on military weapons. The coating will withstand 500-hour salt spray tests and still meet the military machine gun firing requirements. It is a thin, hard coating that will give excellent protection from corrosion and abrasion.

As Singletary’s website notes, Gun Kote is a molybdenum based coating which binds with the base metal when heat cured. It will not flake, peel or chip off. It will wear as any finish can, but will not separate from the base metal. It will withstand a minimum of 500-hour salt spray tests at 5% salt. It is resistant to most common chemicals, oils and solvents. It can be applied to all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and some plastics.

Pricing for TAF-1 Metal Finish:

-Complete handgun: $175.00
-Lower half and components: $100.00
-Slide and components: $75.00

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