In New Jersey a bill that would limit the capacity of firearms from the current maximum of 15 rounds to 10 cleared the Assembly.

Several other bills were advanced by lawmakers during the busy session, including one that requires follow-up studies of former residents of state developmental centers to assess their well-being.

“I have been to all seven of our state’s centers and I have met with the residents and their families,” said Valerie Vainieri Huttle D-Englewood. “In most cases, NJ state developmental centers are providing outstanding service and support in caring for our most profoundly developmentally disabled citizens. The best way to ensure our health centers continue to provide the best care is by speaking to former residents and evaluating their exit or transition process back into the community.”

The bill, which passed the assembly 75-0, would include studies of all former residents of state developmental centers who have made a transition into the community under the Department of Human Services “Path to Progress” plan. The plan is designed to make sure that those with developmental disabilities can live in communities if their habilitation plan allows for it.

The gun measure, over the objections of several Republicans who questioned what affect the proposed tighter limit on magazine capacity would have on stopping criminals from using illegal guns, passed the Democratic-controlled Assembly by a 46-31 margin.

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