Three Circle Knives burst into the knife market in late 2013 with its handcrafted Satori Tanto Fighting Knife design. Inspired by Japanese blade designs, bladesmith Travis Hill crafted the 12-inch, full-sized Tanto as a utilitarian answer for tasks in the backwoods or on the battlefield. To better understand the story behind Three Circle Knives and its founders, Phil Elmore reviewed the Satori Tanto for the July 2014 issue of TACTICAL KNIVES.

Elmore was immediately impressed with the Satori Tanto’s construction, which consists of a single piece of 440C stainless steel with paracord wrapping the handle. “The Satori feels substantial, yet light and alive in the hand. The Cerakote blade coating is both practical and durable, while also serving to make the knife quite distinguished in appearance,” says Elmore in his review. “In either a forward or reverse grip, the Satori is very comfortable, while its subtle curve makes slicing with the primary edge a very natural motion.”

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The Kydex sheath designed to house the Satori Tanto also exhibited superior construction during Elmore’s field tests, further demonstrating Travis Hill’s aesthetic understanding of how knives need to carry and function in the real world.

“Too many knife sheaths attempt to be all things to all people, sacrificing function in any one role for broader application in multiple roles. The Satori Tanto does not suffer from this malady,” says Elmore. “The sheath is no larger than it needs to be. It retains the knife well; the blade locks in positively and with no more noise than is typical of Kydex. There are no sharp edges—everything is ground and rounded smoothly and evenly.”

During field testing, Elmore put the Satori Tanto through a variety of everyday chores to test the knife’s handling and edge retention. “The knife made incredibly short work of a heavy, rubberized military-surplus backpack, punching through its thick waterproof synthetic before slashing the bag to ribbons. It popped buckles off with ease and kept right on going afterward, cutting multiple lengths of paracord,” says Elmore in his review. “There is no doubt that this is a working blade, whose reinforced tip can be used to pry and to chip as readily as the cutting edge can be used to carve and slice.”

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