The Self-Defense for Seniors book by author Ken Boire provides skill sets and strategies for senior citizens to guard themselves against the ever growing violent acts against them who are the most vulnerable population in the country. Written specifically for readers ranging from baby boomers to their elders, Self Defense for Seniors presents easy to learn senior self defense strategies to help seniors protect themselves from assaults and escape from attackers.

Boire developed Self Defense for Seniors largely on the teachings of Portland area martial arts teacher Sifu David Bersaas’ practical martial arts system Ken Chin Wing Tai, which incorporates elements from several ancient martial arts to provide a self defense system developed specifically for seniors. Realizing the reality that attacks upon seniors will most likely be initiated by assailants who are younger, quicker, and more agile with quicker reactions than their intended victims. Boire has taken the basics of Bersaas’ Ken Chin Wing Tai techniques taught in his senior self defense classes plus elements from other martial arts such as judo and Krav Maga to provide easy to follow guidelines to arm seniors with a system developed to help them protect themselves in situations where they may find themselves at risk.

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