R.A.D. Self-Defense
R.A.D. Self-Defense

In Tennesse the Sevierville police are offering women’s self-defense classes in the month of March. For women of all ages who will be taught how to fight off an attacker.

Instructors stated if a woman is caught in a desperate situation, she needs to tell herself she can survive. The instructors also added that a little common sense and physical techniques go a long way when trying to fight off any kind of attack. “We’re going to start with the stances, some wrist grabs, kicking and punching,” Sevierville Police Officer Rebecca Cowan said during Tuesday night’s class.

Cowan is a certified instructor of Rape Aggression Defense, also known as RAD. She says the techniques teach women how to defend and empower themselves. “Most of the time when they first come to class, they don’t believe that they could defend themselves, or not very well. They’re not very confident about their abilities,” Cowan said.

The University of Tennessee Police Department also offers RAD classes, usually every month at the station. “It’s good information. It’s free information. It’s something that hopefully you’ll never have to use, but it’s something that if you do have to use it, it’s better to have that knowledge just in case that situation does arise,” UTPD Sgt. Cedric Roach said.

That’s why Nancy Huskey and her daughter Kelli are taking the classes.

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