Sonic Boom — an Omaha, Nebraska-based company which specializes in manufacturing high-quality targets at an affordable price — have introduced a series of exploding targets to their line of products. Click here to watch a video to see these targets in action.

There are three types of exploding targets currently being sold by Sonic Boom: Bulk Mix, Rimfire Exploding Targets, and Rifle Targets. The Sonic Boom Bulk Mix is a multiple-use target mixture which weighs 20 pounds and contains custom low density prill. The Rimfire variant comes weighs one pound, comes with targets per jar and requires a 17gr bullet traveling at 1000 FPS. The suggested round for this model is .22lr or anything larger. It is universal, so it may be used for shotguns, handguns, and rimfire. Suggested rounds for the Rifle Target variant, which comes in one pound, two pound and four packs, is .223 and larger. Both the rimfire and rifle targets contain a customized oxidizer and catalyst. MSRP is $129.99 for the bulk mix, $24.99 for the rimfire exploding targets, $9.99 for the 1 pound rifle exploding target, $14.99 for two pounds, and $36.99 for the four pack. See below for additional details.

Features: Sonic Boom Bulk Mix Target

-Weight: 20 pounds
-Custom low density prill
-Multiple use target mixture
-Creates largest explosion
-Purest chemicals on the market
-Creates loudest “Boom”

Features: Sonic Boom Rimfire Exploding Targets

-10 targets per jar
-Requires 17gr bullet traveling 1000 FPS
-Suggested rounds are .22lr or anything larger
-Purest chemical on the market
-Universal use: Shotguns, Handguns, Rimfire
-Custom oxidizer
-Custom Catalyst
-Weight: 1 pound

Features: Sonic Boom Rifle Targets

-Suggested rounds are .223 and larger ammunition
-Custom oxidizer
-Inner Liners/VFFM Packets
-Custom Catalyst
-Cleanest chemicals on the market
-Weight: 1 pound and 2 pounds

For more information about the range of products currently being offered by Sonic Boom, please visit

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