SOS Ready Beam Shake Flashlight with 3 Super Bright LEDs is waterproof and shock resistant. Double coil charge system works when you need it most, it never needs batteries, and no bulbs to replace.

The SOS Beam uses your energy and the principles of induction to light the way.

Shaking the flashlight causes a very strong magnet to pass between the SOS Beam’s patented double coils. The magnets movement between these coils charges the flashlights internal capacitor.

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A flashlight is a modern necessity for emergencies, travel, outdoor sports, automotive and home safety. Unlike most flashlights, the SOS Beam has no batteries or bulbs to replace. It’s ready when you need it most.


• 1 min shaking: 3 LED 20 Mins
• 1 min shaking: 1 LED 30 Mins
• LED Life: 100,000 Hours
• Max Brightness: 50,000 MCD
• Dimensions: (49×220mm)
• Weight: (330g)
• Patented
• One year limited warranty

When you run out of power, You won’t run out of options

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