The new AnkleBiter by Sticky Holsters is a new modular product which wraps wrap the user’s Sticky Holster into an ankle rig. What sets the AnkleBiter apart from other ankle systems is the ability to mount the gun/holster in the most comfortable position. Most ankle rigs have a sewn set holster, once the rig is mounted the gun rests at the angle dictated by the pre-sewn holster. If the gun is rubbing or chaffing the operator’s shin or calf there is not much that can be done.

Since the Sticky Holsters AnkleBiter combines an existing Sticky Holster with the AnkleBiter wrap, the operator chooses the cant or angle that creates the most comfortable carry position. As with any holster, more comfort allows for more frequent and longer duration of carry which makes your family and our society a safer place.

Check your local gun shop, range or gun show for Sticky Holsters and try one yourself. If they don’t carry them yet, ask them to contact Sticky Holsters, and the company will send them a sample and you could be eligible to receive a Sticky Holster for your suggestion. Manufacturer suggested retail price for this item is $34.95.

In their first step of redefining concealment, Sticky Holsters brought concealed carry operators the ability to carry their handgun in the waistband or in the pocket without clips, loops, or belts. The unique exterior (sticky or grippy) material allows the user to place the holster in their waistband using compression and friction to hold the holster in place and allow for a smooth draw of the handgun.

For more information about the AnkleBiter Leg Rig and other products offered by Sticky Holsters, please visit

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