The Sun Welding Heirlom Safe H48 is American made with a gloss finish, exterior Hinges: left hand swing standard, right hand swing optional and a removable door.

* 180˚ door swing
* Single gold or chrome handle, adds 1.5” to depth
* Gold or chrome Heirloom logo
* Choice of Interior
* EZ Out
* All Gun
* All Shelves 3
* Exterior cubic feet 12

The H48 has 3/16” SOLID steel door and 12 gauge SOLID steel body, weighing at 350 lbs with an independent bolting system. Eleven 1” diameter locking bolts, two re-lockers, and protected by Armor Hard Plate and second ½” steel plate

* Big Red Mechanical Lock
* LP Electronic Lock
* S&G Mechanical Lock (upgrade)
* LaGard Electronic Lock (upgrade)
* LaGard Redundant Lock (upgrade)
* SecuRam BackLit Electronic Lock (upgrade)
* SecuRam EMP Dual Lock (upgrade)
* Amphion Duo Lock (upgrade)

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