Versatility is an essential element of any worthwhile piece of survival gear, and for the July 2014 issue of TACTICAL KNIVES, author Tim Stetzer examined the Glock Entrenching Tool (E-Tool) and its potential uses in the field. Looking at the E-Tool both as an everyday tool and as part of a bug-out bag, Stetzer quickly came to realize the many options offered by the lightweight, compact tool.

“At only 24 ounces in weight and 10 inches in size when folded, Glock’s Entrenching Tool will easily fit in your trunk, the storage compartment on your ATV or snowmobile, or even in your pack,” says Stetzer in his review. “Like the old GI shovel, you can affix the blade at a 45-degree angle to use as a pick and break up hard earth if need be.”

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The shovel feature on the Glock E-Tool, in particular, caught Stetzer’s attention as it proved itself useful for multiple digging scenarios around a typical campsite. “The Glock shovel works pretty well. It definitely moves more dirt than the small spades I often see with campers for digging out fire pits or cat holes, and it will do a respectable job on bigger projects as well,” says Stetzer. “Heck, it’s designed to dig foxholes and trenches, so making a cooking trench, digging down below the water level to reach water or dig a solar still are easy.”

The inclusion of a saw blade in the E-Tool’s handle was another point of interest for Stetzer, who quickly put the saw through a series of cutting tests. “The saw honestly worked better than I expected,” says Stetzer. “When I first handled one of these shovels I assumed from the basic tooth pattern on the blade that it was simply a root saw; and it does work well for that. More recently, though, I tried it on some dried hardwood I had lying about, and was surprised that it worked really well on that, too. It’s a sturdy blade, too, and doesn’t bend easily.”

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