The Cheap Place Patches make your voice heard by talking with others about second amendment rights and displaying your support with things like biker patches, t-shirts, and other outward symbols. Biker patches are versatile and durable. T-shirts fade over time and bumper stickers age with the weather. However, a good biker patch will stand the test of time as long as it is high quality.

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List of favorites Patches from The Cheap Place:

• “Tried by 12” – You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase, “I’d rather be tried by 12 than carried by six.” It’s a great phrase that embodies the whole second amendment principal. This patch includes the phrase in black against a gray background, flagged by red pistols on either side.

• “Original Homeland Security” – Many of us who are pro-second amendment also are a little leery of the Department of Homeland Security. This 10-inch circular patch lets everyone know that the original homeland security is a private citizen with a gun. And believe us when we say it’s big enough to get noticed.

• ”Come and Take It” – If you’re a gun owner committed to defending the second amendment, this is the perfect patch for you. It features an embroidered AR-15 rifle and a statement that dares others to come take yours away from you.

• “Justice by Uzi” – The “Justice by Uzi” patch doesn’t express the Second Amendment message directly, but it sure does indirectly. You can let people know how you truly feel about firearms with this plastic-backed patch with sharp, die-cut borders.

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The Cheap Place Patches make your voice heard by talking with others about second…