TriStar P-120 9mm Pistols | Chrome and Black Cerakote


The TriStar P-120 9mm Pistols have a double/single action, a rear snag-free dovetail sight and fixed front blade sight. The new pistols feature a steel frame and slide, a rail on the bottom of the frame and black polymer checkered grip.

This high capacity semi-auto transitions well into sport shooting. Well balanced and smooth shooting, the P-120 offers everything you need. As with all TriStar pistols, the P-120 comes with 2 mags, gun lock, cleaning kit and a carrying case.

The P-120 9mm pistols are available in chrome and black cerakote. Cerakote is a high quality finish that protects the firearm, and makes it easier for gun owners to customize their gun to their liking whether it’s a particular color or pattern.

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* Frame: Steel
* Slide: Steel
* Barrel: 4.7″
* Action: Double/Single
* Capacity: 17 Rounds
* Sights: Rear Snag-Free Dovetail, Fixed Blade Front
* Grips: Black Polymer
* Black Plastic Case
* Extra Magazine

All TriStar pistols are packaged with a black hard case, an extra magazine, safety lock and a cleaning kit.

The MSRP for TriStar’s pistols range from $429.00-$469.00.

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