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Walther’s all new CCP Concealed Carry 9mm Pistol an ideal combination of style, ergonomics, size, shape, accuracy, and ability to conceal comfortably. The new Walther Soft Coil gas-delayed blowback technology works to make the CCP an excellent concealed carry firearm. This concealed carry semi-automatic pistol comes chambered in 9mm Luger and is the ultimate concealed carry pistol.

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Walther CCP Handgun | Specification Chart
Walther CCP Handgun | Specification Chart

The CCP weighs only 22.33 ounces when empty, and the Soft Coil gas-delayed blowback system uses gas pressure from the ignited cartridge that is directed through a small port in the barrel (in front of the chamber) to slow down and delay the rearward motion of the slide. This is accomplished by means of a piston contained inside of a cylinder located under the barrel that opposes the rearward motion of the slide until the gas pressure has declined—after the bullet has left the barrel—hence allowing the slide to end its rearward motion, opening the breech and ejecting the empty cartridge case.

Two other benefits to this system are the Soft Coil technology allowing the slide to be easily manipulated and, because barrel rise is reduced, the shooter can remain focused and accurately on target. Tests show that the barrel rise is up to one third less than similar models on the market allowing shooters to be more accurate on follow-up shots.

The new model’s barrel length is 3.54 inches and its width only 1.18 inches making it easily carried in a purse or inside-the-pant holster. This new single-stack semi-automatic has a magazine capacity of 8 rounds. For maximum safety, the CCP comes equipped with a slim manual thumb safety and one internally that acts as a firing pin block. As with all Walther firearms, the CCP has an ergonomic grip with a unique non-slip surface. Other key attributes of the firearm include an easy access slide stop; loaded chamber indicator for added safety; and front, rear and trigger guard serrations for additional safety and control of its easily manipulated slide.

The suggested manufacturer’s retail price for the Walther CCP is $469-489.

For more information, visit: http://www.waltherarms.com/CCP/

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