For the July 2014 issue of TACTICAL KNIVES, Rueben Bolieu reviewed the Star-Light Tactical Fighter knife, the result of a recent collaboration between Allen Elishewitz and Wilson Combat. Designed as a knife with tactical and survival capabilities, the Star-Light Tactical Fighter draws its inspiration from Elishewitz’s military experience and martial arts background. “Texas native Allen Elishewitz is considered one of the foremost tactical custom knife-makers in the U.S.,” says Bolieu in his review. “Allen became one of the elite go-to guys in research and development for tactical edged tools at an early age. His experiences as a martial artist and Recon Marine have given him the credentials to build knives with a purpose.”

Throughout his testing, Bolieu was impressed by the 10.5-inch Star-Light Tactical Fighter, which features a 5.5-inch blade and a G10 handle with a starburst pattern for grip. “I could describe this knife in a single word—versatile. The blade shape is a multi-purpose, tactical profile that works equally well as a defensive blade or camp knife.”

During a trip into the Desert, Bolieu tested the Star-Light Tactical’s effectiveness around the campsite, using the tactical/survival blade during his preparation of kindling and firewood. “I started the Star-Light off easy with a trip into the desert on a two-day adventure. It served as the only knife used for cutting up steaks and wood preparation. Whether or not you are a fan of batoning or not, it is a reality that people do it. I think this was considered during the design process, especially when the knife comes with an invitation to use a baton by adding the flat, broad point.”

Bolieu continues, “The chore was effortless, and at no time did I feel shy about using a baton to complete the task. Once the wood was processed small enough, I took it a step further from finger-thick pieces down to pencil thickness, or thinner if I could. With the kindling I made from a few logs, combined with the California Juniper tree bark for tinder, we soon had fire.”

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